Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Supervisor with Township Board approval. One member of the Planning Commission shall be a Township Board member. Members must be qualified Township electors. The basic function of the Planning Commission, is to make and adopt a plan for the Township’s land use and development. This master plan should include maps, charts and descriptive material. The Planning Commission is required to review any plats or subdivisions and make a recommendation prior to Township board action. The Commission also conducts public hearings and advises the Township Board regarding establishing and amending the Township Zoning Ordinances which establish land development regulations and land development districts and zones.  Terms for Planning Commission members are three years and the term for each officer is one year.

Chairperson            Bruce Knoper        Appeal Board Liaison
Commissioner        Robert Brower
Commissioner        Dick Geerlings
Commissioner        Karen Kreuze
Commissioner        Tim Miedema    
Commissioner Ron Brink Township Board Liaison
Commissioner        Dennis Russcher
Commissioner        Don Steenwyk
Commissioner        Steve Nelson

Meetings are quarterly the second Tuesday of the month.  Requests for special meetings with the Planning commission must be in at least 15 days in advance of the meeting date.  Zoning requests must be in at least 30 days in advance of the meeting date.


    Regular Meeting - $350.00
    Special Request Meeting - $550.00
    PUD Meetings - $800.00

17 copies of all prints need to be submitted 15 days prior to date of meeting.
    (Weekends inclusive)

Click here for the Planning Commission Request Form.


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