The Zeeland Charter Township Fire Department serves Zeeland Charter Township, and provides mutual aid to surrounding municipalities.  27 of your neighbors serve the community as Firefighters, Rescue Personnel, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Medical First Responders, ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Please accept the gratitude of your Fire Department and Township, as well as our individual members, for your many years of consistent support and encouragement.  We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our mission as described above, and continually train in support of that goal.


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In Memoriam, Captain Calvin "Boots" Boetsma, 1951-2015

Captain Boetsma, who left us on July 8, 2015, provided the citizens of the township with devoted and honorable service as a firefighter for over 36 years.  He is missed by his brothers and sisters in the Fire Service, and we are grateful for the blessings of his leadership and friendship over these years.  Our hearts and prayers go out to Cal's family in their time of loss and remembrance of a beloved husband, father, brother, uncle, and grandfather.  We'll remember him best for those things he loved most:  family, friends, and firefighting.



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