Open burning is regulated by ordinance in Zeeland Charter Township. 

Generally speaking, the following types of burning are allowed without a permit, provided no nuisance is created:

  • Campfires and cooking fires;
  • Salamanders and other construction heaters;
  • Burning barrel fires

There are certain restrictions, so it is wise to check the Burning Ordinance for details.

For most other types of burning, a permit is required, and may be requested at least 24 hours in advance by contacting the Fire Chief at (616) 886-6666, or you may e-mail it to:

Burn Permits are not issued for burns within 1400 feet (about 1/4 mile) from the City Limits of Zeeland; nor in situations where smoke or debris is likely to drift to certain restricted areas, such as Zeeland Community Hospital.  Even with a permit, fires that generate black smoke, or cause a nuisance to others, must be extinguished. 

Failure to properly obtain a permit could result in a fine up to $500.  For more detailed information, click to download: Township Burning Ordinance

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources also has information available about open burning, which you may access by clicking:  Michigan DNR

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