Township Cemeteries

We honor our Veterans on Memorial Day by placing a flag on their gravesite.  Please contact the Township office (616) 772-6701 if you know someone who served our country and does not have a flag.  Thank you.

Zeeland Township has four active cemeteries within its boundaries. These three are managed by Zeeland Township:

East Drenthe Cemetery is located on 60th Ave., south of Adams St.

West Drenthe Cemetery is located at the northeast corner of Adams St. and 78th Ave.
Vriesland Cemetery is located on 72nd Ave., ½ mile south of Riley St.

Grave prices for the East Drenthe, West Drenthe and Vriesland cemeteries are as follows:  Resident - $200.00 each for plots 1 & 2, $500.00 each for plots 3, 4, 5 & 6;  Non-Resident - $1,250.00 each. Please call sexton Jim Timmer if you would like to purchase a plot in one of these cemeteries. He can be reached at 616-405-4989. The township office also maintains a record of all burials and plot purchases.

Beaverdam Cemetery is located on Ransom St., ¼ mile east of 64th Ave. This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Beaverdam Christian Reformed Church. For information concerning this cemetery you can contact Sexton Jack DeBoer at (616) 875-8918.

Zeeland Township has three historical cemeteries within its boundaries. The Old Presbyterian Cemetery is located on 64th Ave., 1/4th mile south of Adams St. on the west side of the road. The Old Pioneer (Vriesland) Cemetery is located on Gordon Street between 72nd Ave. and 64th Ave. on the north side of the road.  The Old Vriesland Christian Reformed Cemetery is located on 64th Ave., 1/4th mile north of Perry on the west side of the road.

Cemetery Ordinance

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