Rental Facilities

Zeeland Charter Township has two rental facilities: Drenthe Community Grove Dozeman Center, and Fire Station #3 .  Rental times for both facilities are from 12:00 noon until 10:00 pm.  No alcoholic beverages, no smoking and no excessive noise are allowed.  

To inquire about availability, please call the Township Office, 772-6701.

Drenthe Community Grove Dozeman Center is located at 615  68th Ave., Zeeland, Michigan. Click here for map. It seats approximately 150 people and has a refrigerator and stove.  Call the Township Office (772-6701) for scheduling. There are 24 - 8' tables, 6 - 6' tables and approximately 200 chairs. The building is air conditioned.

Fire Station #3
is located at 2446 64th Ave., Zeeland, Michigan.  Click here for map.  It seats approximately 70 people, has 13 - 8' rectangular tables, ~80 chairs, a refrigerator, a stove, and a 100 cup coffee maker available for use.  The building is heated but has no air conditioning.  Call the Township Office (772-6701) for scheduling.


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