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Upcoming Elections - 2015

May 5, 2015 Special Election
The ballot contains a State Proposal to change allocation of state tax revenue collected at the pump. All taxes collected at the pump would go toward road funding. The state's sales tax would increase 1 percent; from 6 to 7 percent to cover the loss in revenue that was going to schools and local government.

Hudsonville school district residents also have a local proposal to renew their operating school millage.

Voting will take place at all three precincts, 7 AM - 8 PM.

Register to Vote
You can register to vote at the following locations:
      · Townhall Office.
· Secretary of State.
· By mail. Go to
               and print a Voter Registration form. 
               Fill out the form and send to our office: 
                            6582 Byron Road 
                            Zeeland, MI 49464

Verify your registration
You must be registered to vote in order to participate in any election. You can verify your registration online at  www.michigan.gov/vote.   If you are registered, this web site will give you your voting location address as well as show an example ballot.

The law now states in order to receive a ballot, you must show picture proof of identification.  This can be a Michigan Drivers License, a Michigan Personal Identification Card or a United States Passport.

Voting Locations
Poll hours: 7 AM - 8 PM
Zeeland Township is divided into three precincts. Each precinct has its own voting location.
                         Precinct No. 1   Beaverdam Ref. Church 
                                                      7250 Ransom St.                     
                         Precinct No. 2   Township Office
                                                      6582 Byron Road 
                         Precinct No. 3   Dozeman Center, Drenthe Grove
                                                     615 - 68th Ave
You can check your voters’ ID card or the Precinct Map  as to where you vote.  You can also go online to check where you vote:  www.michigan.gov/vote 

Precinct Decorum
Please respect the rules for the poll locations:.
1.    Cell phones should be slienced and no calls made or taken while in the precinct.
2.    Do not show other voters your voted ballot.
3.    Do not leave any paperwork in the poll booth that would indicate how to vote.
4.    Do not wear any clothing/buttons promoting candidates/proposals.
5.    Be prepared to show your photo ID card.      

Vote Absentee Ballot
If you are unable to get to the polls on Election Day, you may vote with an Absentee Ballot.  Call the office at 772-6701 or stop in to sign an Application to Vote Absentee. You may also print the Application to Vote Absentee at  www.michigan.gov/vote,   Choose 'Absentee Voting' from the left side.  Then choose 'Download Your Absent Voter Ballot Application' from the center of the page and mail it to the office.  

A ballot will be sent to your requested address when they become available.

Anyone 60 years of age or older or physically disabled may opt to become a Permanent Absentee Voter. You will automatically receive Applications to vote Absentee prior to each election. After signing and returning the Application, your ballot will be sent to you by mail.

Picking up Absentee Ballots from the office
By Michigan Election Law we may only issue unvoted ballots to the absentee voter who comes to the office to pick up a ballot.  You may not bring an unvoted ballot home to a family member.  All other absentee ballots will be sent by mail.  Thank you for your cooperation..

If you have any other questions, feel free to call the office at (616) 772-6701.


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