Register to Vote

Register to Vote

You can register to vote until the 15th day prior to any election at the following locations:
      · Township Hall Office.
· Secretary of State.
· By mail. Go to
               and print a Voter Registration form. 
               Fill out the form and send to our office: 
                            Zeeland Charter Township - Clerk's Office
    6582 Byron Road 
                            Zeeland, MI 49464
On the 14th day, and continuing through Election Day, voters may register to vote in person at the city or township clerk's office where they reside ONLY (voters who register to vote by mail, online, or in person with the Secretary of State, County or local City, Township or Village where they don't reside will be registered to vote in the next upcoming election).  Residency requirement still apply.

Verify your registration
You must be registered to vote in order to participate in any election. You can verify your registration online at  www.michigan.gov/vote.   If you are registered, this web site will give you your voting location address as well as show an example ballot.

The law now states in order to receive a ballot, you must show picture proof of identification.  This can be a Michigan Drivers License, a Michigan Personal Identification Card or a United States Passport.


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