Precinct Locations

Voting Locations

Poll hours: 7 AM - 8 PM
Zeeland Township is divided into four precincts. Each precinct has its own voting location.
                         Precinct No. 1   Beaverdam Ref. Church 
                                                      7250 Ransom St.                     
                         Precinct No. 2   Township Office
                                                      6582 Byron Road 
                         Precinct No. 3   Dozeman Center, Drenthe Grove
                                                      615 - 68th Ave
Precinct No. 4    Community Center
     2446 64th Ave.
You can check your voters’ ID card or the Precinct Map  as to where you vote.  You can also go online to check where you vote: 

Precinct Decorum
Please respect the rules for the poll locations:.
1.    Cell phones should be silenced and no calls made or taken while in the precinct.
2.    Do not show other voters your voted ballot.
3.    Do not leave any paperwork in the poll booth that would indicate how to vote.
4.    Do not wear any clothing/buttons promoting candidates/proposals.
5.    Be prepared to show your photo ID card.