Rental Facilities

Zeeland Charter Township has two rental facilities: Drenthe Community Grove Dozeman Center, and the Community Center.  Rental times for both facilities are from 12:00 noon until 10:00 pm.  No alcoholic beverages, no smoking and no excessive noise are allowed.  

To inquire about availability, please call the Township Office, 772-6701.

Drenthe Grove Dozeman Center is located at 615  68th Ave., Zeeland, Michigan. Click here for map. It seats approximately 150 people and has a refrigerator and stove.  Call the Township Office (772-6701) for scheduling. There are 24 - 8' tables, and approximately 200 chairs. The building is air conditioned.


The Community Center is located at 2446 64th Ave., Zeeland, Michigan.  Click here for map.  It seats approimately 70 people, has 13 - 8' rectangular tables, 70-80 chairs, a refrigerator, and a stove.  The building is air conditioned.  To rent the Community Center call the Township Office at (616)772-6701.